Friday, August 29, 2008

All Things Work Together For Good

The quick answer is...David's films are being sent to Indiana University for a second opinion. We won't know anything until Tuesday.

How, in my mother's mind, I can see all things working together for good....

David tried for weeks to convince me to let him play football. We have never considered allowing him to play. The word we have gotten from doctors and friends and doctor friends is "Don't let him play football, it's too dangerous". Done! Well, until this year. Bozeman has a Lion's Club league that is "just so good" according to the locals. So David asked if he could play. I said no. David asked again. I said I'd think about it. David asked again. I said we'd have to talk about it. David asked again. I said yes. (If you see any flaws in my parenting skills here, please feel free to admonish me harshly!) So I said yes, even as telling him of our young friend who was injured so severely in high school football that he will forever have back problems. I said yes, even as I told him of a SSHS football player that we all saw taken away in an ambulance after being knocked out and who had a long road back. I said yes.

Well, football players require football physicals, so I made an appointment for David. While we waited for the doc, I noticed a "HOW TO TELL THE DIFFERENCE BETWEEN A COLD AND THE FLU" poster on the wall. Glanced it briefly, assured that my sniffles were allergies. It was while David was at his football physical that the doc discovered a lump where there should be no lump. Ordered an ultrasound.

The day of the ultrasound I woke up with a full blown cold. Took David for his test with a pocket full of hankies. Test revealed his need to see a urologist.

The next day my cold had turned fluish (I really should have paid more attention to that poster!) and I was in bed all day. Urologist called. Appointment made.

So today, I awoke feeling much better, but still sounding awful. (Trust me, this will come into play!) As I drove to school to pick Dave up for his appointment, I was overcome with fear, and tears. Who could I call? I needed to talk to someone RIGHT NOW that would pray for me, but I couldn't even talk, and whoever I called would assume I had found out some awful news, and would jump to wrong conclusions, and WAIT!!! What was I afraid of??? What was I afraid of??? The thought circled in my mind, What was I afraid of??? It was supernatural, a girding of my spirit rising within me reminding myself "Perfect love casts out fear!" And I know for SURE the love of the Creator is PERFECT. So my tears dried, and my spirit strengthened.

Jim met David and I at the urologist's office. During our consultation, as "could-be"s were being thrown around, the tears welled up again. I was able to keep them at bay, at least while everyone was looking. There is still no reason to fear. There never is a reason to fear. A second opinion has been called for. We will know next week.

As we were walking out of the urologist's office, Jim and David were talking, and I was crying. I wiped my eyes without anyone noticing. When Jim turned to me and asked me a question, the catch in my scruffy voice sounded normal, cold-normal, not like I'd been crying. (Told you it would come into play).

We won't know anything until Tuesday. We get to enjoy the long weekend, which for David will include a High School football game tonight, and a MSU football game tomorrow. And this whole doctor ordeal started because I said yes he could play football. THAT is how all things work together for good.

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Gary said...

Thanks for helping others see that things work together for good. It seems more often than not it doesn't. So we will trust this is an example of how it does come together for the better. We'll wait and see how saying "yes" was a good thing. Praying for you!