Wednesday, August 27, 2008

A Different KInd of Test on the First Day of School

Today is the first day of school for Grace and David. Even though we went to the school the other day, and walked through their schedules, there is still a certain amount of nervousness in the air. Especially for Grace. The kids have been doing great with the move, but now Grace is starting to realize how much she will miss her friends from Bannockburn. They WERE great friends. We've met lots of 8th grade girls, but nothing has really "clicked" yet. This may be a very long day for her.

It will not be so long for David. I will pull him out early today, for an ultrasound. A sport's physical yesterday revealed he has a small bump where there should be no bump. He goes at 3:00 today to find out what the bump is. Probably scar tissue (the mother hopingly said to herself).

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Sylvia said...

Trusting that the kids will have a good day. After Logan's first day I asked him how his day was. His reply, "Fine Mom. It was fine." Note this was spoken as he was rolling his eyes. Did I mention he's 13!