Monday, February 16, 2009

Emily's Terrible, Horrible, No Good, Very Bad Weekend

Friday: Took David to see Pink Panther 2.

Lost her wallet.

Saturday: Got blamed for Silly Putty on Dad's jeans.

Went back to theater to check for wallet, "No one turned one in".

Googled "How To Get Silly Putty Out of Clothing" and got Dad's jeans clean.

Got stood up by Grace for a movie night.

Went to Outback with Mom only to find a 45-minute wait (it was Valentine's Day!) so didn't wait.
Walked all over Bozeman Pond, in the dark, in the cold looking for lost wallet. No wallet.

Called the police to see if anyone had turned one in; never got to talk to an officer.

Sunday: Called to cancel ATM card.
Hit the side of the garage when pulling in from church.

Got stood up by Grace, again, for movie night.

Developed a pain in her side. (Is it any wonder?!)

Went back to the theater a second time, and FOUND HER WALLET!


Trish said...

What an ordeal! So glad she finally found it. What's up with Grace standing her up TWICE!! I'm sure there's a resonable explaination.

Gary said...

Love the story and pics

jasonandchrista said...

It was me... I got the silly putty on dad's jeans.

Susan Beth said...

So, how do you get silly putty out of jeans? Glad the wallet showed up!

Shan said...

Oh the horror! Hahaha. I can't believe that all happened in just one weekend! Well, at least it ended on a high note. ;)

I have googled silly putty removal too! What did we do before the googling began?

"We" smashed a whole egg's worth of blue silly putty into my mom's whitish carpet. I think it was "oops" that got it right out. :) Ding!

ps. Cute pics of Emily. She's so grown.

Bethany Keena said...

Emily alwasy was the dramatic one. :)

Jason: Husband, and Father of Two! said...

Wait a minute... Some of those pictures are from Chicago! Cheater!

Mom Keena said...

Actually all of these photos are from Chicago except one! Not cheating, just recycling! :)