Tuesday, February 24, 2009

While the Parents Are Away

While Jim and I were at our Small Group Sunday night, we left our children unaccompanied at home. All I can say, is it's a good thing that Duke, our dog was there to document exactly what happened.

The evening started out innocently enough with good food...

...and good drink. Wait a minute!!!

Oh, okay!

Here is where the story turns suspicious. Grace gazed into her magic mirror, which obviously gave her the incorrect notion, that more is better. Everyone knows less is better, especially when it comes to purple eye shadow and shiny lip goo!

Next David donned his Las Vegas vest and let his sisters slick down his hair. Strange, very strange indeed.

Emily actually posed for the camera! (And I must say, I love this photo!)

Then they all three posed for Duke, so he could capture the moment. Duke explained to me that all of the glitz and glamor was something they called "An Oscar Party". Really? An Oscar Party?

I suppose this is the point of the evening when Slum Dog Millionaire won.

And this would be when Slum Dog Millionaire won.

And this, Slum Dog.

So parents, consider yourselves forwarned. Never leave your kids at home alone, on Oscar night, with a bottle of bubbly cider. Unless, you have a trusty dog, that will capture the evening on film!


Bekah said...

Cute post! LOVE IT!

jasonandchrista said...

Wow... I never knew. This is what happens when you move to crazy Northern states!

Becky said...

too funny! Can't wait till all of mine are old enough to leave at home, or maybe not...

AfricaBleu said...

Wow. That's exactly what we looked like in our house when Slumdog Millionaire won.

Minus the lip goo.