Friday, February 20, 2009

Playing Cards With the Ladies

I got a message Thursday morning, inviting me to play cards with the ladies. So how cool is that?! My great-grandmother played cards every Saturday night with her lady friends, and I've always thought it sounded so nostalgic! Per the instructions, I packed my lunch and headed out the door to go meet the girls. There were six other ladies and only one of them brought their lunch. And she made it there...yummy-looking fajitas! I ate my cold turkey sandwich.

Cards began about 12:30. Since I had never played before, and since there were an odd number of gals (although only a few of the gals were actually odd) I decided to watch and learn.

First, everyone draws a small stack of cards from the draw pile.

Second, you divide said small stack into two smaller piles.
Whoever divides their cards into two equal piles of 11, I think, does something. Maybe they "go" first. I'm just not sure. In fact, I'm not really sure at all how to play the game, because I never actually got to play. I had to leave early. So, this should probably not be a blog entitled "Playing Cards With the Ladies" but maybe "Watching the Ladies Play Cards" would be more fitting. I did get to snuggle with a baby, though, so it wasn't a total waste of time. And nor would it have been if said baby had not been snuggavailable. I loved getting together with these gals.

And lest you think the following photo is poorly lit because you really can't see anyone's faces, I really just wanted you to see our spectacular view out the patio door.

It was a great time of watching others play cards!


jasonandchrista said...

How fun! Watching people play cards sounds pretty exciting! Hey, if you come visit me, I'll let you PLAY cards with us! :)

Is it sad that I got jealous that you got to snuggle with a baby and it wasn't one of mine?

Laura said...

Hand and Foot is a very popular card game around our house. We used to play it all the time at JBU but now the kids play it far more than the adults.