Friday, February 6, 2009

A Really Sweet House

Today I went to a ladies meeting. We discussed what the next course will be for our Women's Bible Study. That was decided rather quickly, as our host had a great idea, and we all affirmed her decision. Since that took a whole seven minutes, and since I had never been to her house before, and since I am in the market for a home I'm looking at everybody's homes, she took me on a tour. I don't know exactly why, but I had my camera in my pocket so I asked her if I could take some photos and post them on my blog. So enjoy! I like to call her decorating style "Mary Engelbreit On Steroids!" She thought that about covered it.

Sorry this photo is sidewards, can't figure out how to turn it. This is her main bathroom with hankies on the ceiling. I thought it was a quilt at first, but they are individual hankies. The really do serve a purpose, other than making guests stand with their mouths gaping open. Apparently they cover water spots, but she really didn't need to tell me that. I was satisfied with the eye appeal and my gaping mouth!

She has a cabin in her backyard. Cool, huh? I learned they actually moved this cabin from Ennis, MT, a town about 55 miles from Bozeman. I didn't ask enough questions, because now I am wondering HOW did they move it and WHY did they move it. Other than, obviously, it's really cool to have a cabin in your backyard.
This is the inside of the cabin.

This is her office. Wall to wall circus memorabilia.

An old school-locker bin with numbers, metal cages, and hooks for locks. One of the other gals that was on the tour with me told us she had this same kind of locker in gym.

The next photos are some of my favorite red things in her house.

A red bathroom floor.

A red display of tins and flowers.

And a red child's chair, with a red-suited Sarah!


Susan Beth said...

Very cool! I've learned a lot about her from your little tour. And I'm curious about the cabin - we could use one of those someday!

AfricaBleu said...

Oh my word, her house is so cute and clever! You described it perfectly, too.

Hankies on the ceiling? WHAT?? Some people just have that kind of brain, eh?

Shan said...

I love home tours! That is a house full-o-personality. Those hankies are so pretty and I love the lockers too. I think I would call that cabin my PMS HQ and just go there when I'm feeling a little too full of personality myself. ;)