Monday, February 9, 2009

Our First Montana Wedding

Jim performed his first Montana wedding this past weekend. I knew things were different when I walked into the church lobby at 4:55 and all the guests were standing around visiting. The befuddled wedding coordinator said "This is what we do in Montana. Everyone will stand out here and talk to each other until I tell them to go sit down." So, that's what she had to do. At 5:00 she announced "We have a bride and groom that would really like to get married today, and they can't do that until all of you are sitting in there." That got them going! It was a beautiful ceremony with many precious tears from the bride.

The boutonnieres were like none I had ever seen. That's a shotgun shell.
I wonder if their theme was Guns and Roses.

The reception buffet line was complete with salads, veggies, several hot dishes and an elk trophy on the wall.

Jim and I had a table to ourselves, which was kind of nice. We didn't spend our time on small talk with folks we didn't know. Instead, we got to take lots of photos of ourselves!

The bride and groom also had a table to themselves. I have never seen this, but what a nice idea!

They had a winter theme, with silver and white decorations.
And snowflakes and icicles on their cake!

Congratulations Mr. & Mrs. O!


Smits Family said...

Ok, that boutaneer (sp?) was GREAT! I expected to see a camo gown though like on TV :)

Smits Family said...

So glad Pastor Keena did our wedding! :) Great memories!

By the way we got to see your eldest son at the JBU bball game and his sweet GF!

Bethany Keena said...

Very fun! I love the pic of you and dad! That is why you two should not be allowed to sit alone! :)

Beth said...

a classic last picture! :) glad we finally got ours. ;)