Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Camp, Part Two: The Jobs

Each morning at camp, Ken, the Camp Director would meet with us after breakfast, and present his wish list. These were the jobs that needed to be done that day. In nothing-less-than-auctioneer-style he would assign each of us tasks. David and I quickly learned that sitting in the back was not where we wanted to be when being assigned jobs. Ken definitely did not see us flailing our arms in the air to repair the foosball table from that spot. But after a lot of negotiating, and a little whining, we were included in the "Fix the Foosball Table" team.

I suppose the biggest draw of the week was the Burn Pile. The ground was mostly snow-covered, so there was precious little to rake, but somehow, it still made a nice fire.

There is a wedding being held in the chapel March 28th, so several of the ladies set out to deep clean the chapel, and yes, they did windows!

Betty agreed to go on this trip, only if she didn't have to do toilets. She didn't say anything about urinals.

This is David's Communication Arts teacher, Ms. Lee. I'm pretty sure she doesn't hang from the rafters at school, but boy howdy, could she dust those things!

Here is aforementioned foosball table. Dave and I rushed to the shop to check out our task! It took us all of 15 minutes to complete it. So by the time the rest of our team got there, we were done! You snooze, no foos!

Building Fire Hose Boxes. Job well done, Peterson's!

Playing Hand & Foot at every spare moment.

Carson showing Lisa how to make quesidillas.

The Rake Brigade

Carson entertaining the Big Boys!

I'm really glad Carson was there. Who would have taken care of these guys?


Kristin Bryant said...

Yeah, Carson did a great job with those two. I didn't have to watch either of them all afternoon and it really freed me up for hand and foot as you well know!

jasonandchrista said...

Sounds like fun!