Monday, March 23, 2009

Tshimakain Creek Camp, Part 1

Welcome to Camp Tshimakain. This is where 38 folks from EFree spent our spring break. This is a camp of Union Gospel Mission in Spokane. The mission challenges local churches to find 50 unchurched kids to bring to camp. There is no charge for the campers to attend. The hope is that after a week in the woods, these campers will stay connected to the church once they return home. A very good idea, indeed.

The Chapel was built after a donor left $200,000 to the camp in her will.

Creek Tshimakain, I presume.

The 12-man cabins are well built, and thankfully, heated. We shared our cabin with the Smithgall family. Our cabin was dubbed "The Infirmary".

Our kids got to experience some trust-building exercises with low ropes and a climbing wall.

Grace did not get to experience said courses. She was checked into the Infirmary.

More Camp Fun To Come...

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jasonandchrista said...

Looks like fun! Sorry Grace was sick. That's a bummer. But it looks like David had fun!
Love you!