Wednesday, October 6, 2010

I live here!

Where's Waldo?  
Ok, not really, it's Kris. 
He and Jim got to spend the whole day on this river.
Catching and releasing.


KillerB said...

Umm, that's GORGEOUS!

The Frugal Muse said...

That's incredibly gorgeous.

Anonymous said...

K - I have concluded one of three things are true: a) you don't really read these unsolicited comments closely; or b) you do, but haven't quite decided what to make of mine; or c) you know who this is and have decided not to reply. Any and all are fine options, but just so you know, I'm "anonymous" b/c I don't subsribe to this network, don't "do" Facebook and other social net-working & I do not know how to otherwise connect than this (I'm a dinosaur from back-east I suppose). In any event, glad to see you are having such a busy happy life (no surprise there). Stumbled onto your blog when someone tried to post a message to me on a reunion website from "Kim" and the internet eventually led me here. Alas. email: if you can. By all means, keep doing what you are doing - its clear your family is doing well, and deservedly so. Probably will be the last comment from me, three tries is typically all one gets at bat if I recall the rules. - L

Kristin said...

They don't call it Paradise Valley for nothing!

Anonymous said...

In the event you find the time to check here today when dashing to-and-fro, I hope you will be able to smile to yourself and know that you bring sunshine into the lives of others, even when you might not realize it. Signed, Pat O. d'Back