Thursday, October 14, 2010

My Sweet Girls

 This past weekend Bethany, Christa, and Danae all descended on Granny and Grandpa's to help them sort some personal belongings for a big move to Ohio.  We all still seemed to have things stored at G & G's, and they really didn't want to take it all with them.  So the girls spent a weekend helping.  I just love these three.  They are so helpful, so caring, and they so love old things!  Especially things worth more than their weight in gold in heritage and memories.  They all have written about it.

Bethany KeenaBethany Keena indiana + sisters + grandparents = an exciting day to look forward to!

From Danae:

I took a special trip this past weekend to visit my grandparents in Indiana (Hi Granny and Grandpa!). They are preparing to move to Ohio soon and Sister Christa and Sister Bethany and I all made the trip to help them organize and pack and take some of their family treasures off of their hands.

We had such a wonderful time listening to old stories and trying to figure out if things belonged to our great great grandma or our great great great grandma. We also ate wonderful food, played Sequence, and watched old family videos.

We all got some really wonderful treasures. Granny was worried about the weight of the car and I think Christa and I were just worried that all of our treasures would not fit. But, thanks to Christa's awesome packing skills we all made it home with a stuffed to the brim trunk. 

And from Christa, one of our family photojournalists...
This is Bethany in Grandpa's band uniform from college.

Vanilla and Chocolate

Flag with 48 stars

Granny's Trophy
Well-Behaved Toddlers!  

Thanks  girls, for being amazing daughters, and granddaughters!  I am so thankful that you are mine!

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