Tuesday, August 9, 2011


We had dinner guests tonight, and when Grace and I were planning the meal this afternoon, we didn't even know their names.  They are Jessie's friends, that's all that mattered.  So the Griders came with four friends from Iowa. Ryan, Heidi, Caleb, and Adrienne.  We stir-fried and pot-stickered, and got to know some great folks.  In the photo Ryan is holding a giant cookie that says "Congratulations" because yesterday he proposed to Heidi on the peak of Sacajawea, and she said "Yes!"  They have known each other for four and a half months...seems a little crazy, but Jim and I just smiled, knowing how quickly we talked marriage. 

Other interesting discoveries during our dinner conversation:
1.  Of the seven families represented at the dinner table, four of them had seven children. 
2.  Our three female guests are all black-belts in karate.  Not taekwondo.  They would want to make sure you understood the difference.
3.  A former TIU student that we befriended/took to a Cardinals game/had over for meals while in Chicago, is best friends with Caleb.  Small world.
4.   When asked "What is keeping your from attaining your dream?" Caleb and Adrienne confessed, they are living their dream.  Awesome. 
5.  Our new addition is perfect for hosting dinners.  It was all worth it!


Susan Beth said...

Yep, you guys just get to know people and jump on into their live (or open your lives to them). Sounds like a good time, and proof of the extended blessing the new addition will be. Thanks for your hospitality hearts!

Anonymous said...

I read this out loud to everyone and we much love you guys and said, "DO you see why they are our bozeman family!?!?"

Bethany Keena said...

Love this! :) What a fun meal. I love it when worlds collide... :)

Joanna said...

I'm so glad Jessie and Jonathan have you guys!!! And I hope we get to meet you next week when we're there.

Joanna (Jessie's big sister)

jasonandchrista said...

Yay! Sounds like a fun night. Can't wait to try out the new addition in 135 days!

Anonymous said...

Heidi's mom here-
Thanks for loving on the Iowa kids and sharing their engagement excitement. And really happy to hear that the Griders have such great "family" friends!