Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Sushi, Please!

Saturday night we had a "How to Make Sushi Party".   Our friend, Jonathan, makes sushi every Christmas with his family.  So he supplied the grocery list and the expertise, and we supplied our great love of sushi.

 Jon had never had sushi before, and he nearly lost his first piece in the soy sauce!

 We all had a try at preparing a sushi roll.  Tuna, salmon, avocado, carrots, cucumber, and red-chili sauce were just a few of the offerings.  There was, however, no ginger.  Excuse me, what!?!  No ginger.  That's why I eat sushi.  Interestingly enough, Jonathan told me that his family doesn't actually eat the ginger with the sushi, but to cleanse the palette between different kinds of sushi.  Who knew?

 Grace did a great job filling her roll with deliciousness!

 Emily liked doing it so much, she wanted to make sushi for dinner again tonight.  We had turkey tenderloins, but making sushi again won't be long in coming.

 Apparently Jonathan had to find interesting ways to entertain himself during the rolling.



sarah said...

i love making sushi! jason and i have done it twice, and it is way easier than i thought it would be. hmmmm, we might just have to have that for dinner tonight....

D.R.C + D.E.C said...

I have to have ginger with my sushi also. People think I am strange for eating it. I now know where I get it from!