Wednesday, August 3, 2011

David, Jesse, "Coach", Blake, Cordell

What You Will Read in the Paper

Bozeman Junior Hawks 9 Concludes Successful Summer Basketball Season 

DOWNTOWN BOZEMAN 3 ON 3 SHOOT OUT:  This past weekend, the Bozeman Junior Hawks 9th grade team went undefeated as they took the championship game against the Livingston Park Rangers to win first place in their division.  The team players were Cordell Appel, David Keena, Jesse Meade, and Blake Taylen.

The Bozeman Junior Hawks 9 were formed as a basketball travel team in 2010.  Recently, the Hawks 9 received the bronze medal at the Big Sky State Games in Billings to qualify for the 2013 State Games of America in Hershey-Harrisburg, PA.  The players for the State Games were: Mark Aamot, Grant Blomstrom, Gabriel Chaikin, Grant Collins, Adam Huse, Keven Kailey, David Keena, and Jesse Meade.

In June, the Hawk 9 players Gabriel Chaikin, Adam Huse, David Keena, and Jesse Meade went undefeated in the Bozemania 3 on 3 Tournament and also in the Spokane Hoopfest Freshman Elite Division to win both championships. 
What They Left Out of the Article Regarding Last Weekend
1.  We had to play the same team three times.
2.  This team consisted of mostly 10th grade football players.
3.  We had no ref or court monitor.
4.  Game #2 involved aggressive parents that required the event director to be summoned.
5.  Game #3 did have a ref; the event director, Dale Dawkins.  Yes, that Dale Dawkins.
6.  Game #3 was tied at the end, so a sudden-death shoot-out was to determine the winner.
*Livingston shot: missed
*David shot: missed
*Livingston shot: missed
*Jesse shot: missed
*Livingston shot: missed
*Blake shot: missed
(At this point the ref told the parents to get ready to shoot!)
*Livingston shot: missed
*Cordell shot: Made It!
7.  We celebrated at a restaurant of Cordell's choice. 

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Bethany Keena said...

This was so funny! The parents?! Crazy parents! Love ya mom! Glad you're not one of those crazy yelling parents...or were you?... :)