Sunday, October 16, 2011

Now THAT'S a Meal Ministry!

This is Christa.
She is on "Limited Activity" for the next 3 weeks as D grows stronger lungs.
My Friday Morning Bible Study ladies have been praying for her.
One young mom thought the group should love on Christa's family a bit.
Everyone pitched in to buy Christa's family a meal.  
$62.00 was collected.
Friday I ordered them Chinese, with the help of super-husband Jason!
Next weekend, there will be another meal-surprise for them.
Below see Christa's Facebook status today.
The family of God is awesome.
We've got a great Father.
I'm sure He loves when His kids take care of each other.
"God is so good. Last a night a group of ladies that I've never met in Montana took up a collection and gave the money to my mom to order me dinner. Jase picked it up on the way home and I was so surprised and relieved that dinner was taken care of. The ladies have been praying for my pregnancy and wanted to something more. I was so touched and humbled. When I go to Montana in December, I WILL find these ladies and I WILL hug them."

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Susan Beth said...

Yeah for the Friday morning ladies! And for D staying inside awhile longer!