Thursday, October 20, 2011

Where in the World Is Everyone?

Today Grace left for a week of fun in the sun in Florida. 
Long story short...she has a dear friend
 that wished her there for her 18th birthday.  
She will be back next Thursday.

Tomorrow Jim leaves for an extended weekend which includes:
1. Flying to Tulsa
2. Driving to Dallas
3.  Attending Game 3 of the World Series (Go Cards!)
4.  Driving to New Life Ranch
5.  Attending Bailey and Caden's birthday party on Monday.
Long story short...we have a Cub-fan friend (I know!)
 that invited Jim to go with him to Game 3.  

David has a game in Helena on Saturday; I do not planning on going.
Long story short...David does not get enough play time for me to travel that far, even though he will proudly tell you that he has moved from 7th string (!) to 2nd string this football season. 

Emily is hosting a Harvest Party at our home on Saturday night.  
Long story short...I will be making Pumpkin Soup.

Andrew is working as usual this weekend.
Long story short...I am glad he is living at home again, to bring a bit more security to my scaredy-self when Jim is gone.  I knew his habit of staying up all night would pay off eventually!

And me?  I will be doing whatever I want to this weekend.
But I'll be right here, waiting for everyone else to come home.


Bethany Keena said...

I hope it's a lovely weekend filled with long-uninterrupted baths, baking, and resting for a new week of life.

Susan Beth said...

Are you having fun yet?

And the word verification for this comment is "SINNISM" - I wonder if that means anything?