Sunday, October 9, 2011

Open House Dessert

Today we hosted an Open House Dessert to thank the 14 guys that helped us with our addition.  We invited the men and their families to come see the completed work.  It was a beautiful day to have them into our home!  One of the men that helped with the work was not able to be here because he and his family have moved to Costa Rica.  So at 3:00pm we had a Skype visit with them.
It was great to see the Graham's and to hear how they are adjusting.

I wanted to serve a fall dessert, so with a twist of clever,
I presented a Caramel Apple Bar.
 I sliced apples, drizzled them with caramel, and let the guests top them with almonds, walnuts, mini chocolate-chips, toffee bits, toasted coconut, crushed oreos, raisins, chocolate sauce or sprinkles.  The adults shied away at first, but after a few of the kids built their caramel apple "sundaes" the adults got in line!

It was a great time, just a small token of appreciation for all the work so many did on our behalf. 

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