Tuesday, October 25, 2011

On The Mend

After a weekend in bed, fighting a cold with nothing but water and vegetable soup, I woke up Monday morning feeling somewhat better.  I did not feel like working out, though, so I turned to my trusty "friends" on Facebook with the question "Is it better to work out, or not, when you are sick?"  Most replies were vague opinions, but I liked what Pamela said.

   "Physiologically it is not. When you work out your body focuses on using everything it has to supply what you need for your exercise. It literally takes away from your body fighting 
off what is wrong in your body...better said lowers the strength of your immune system."

If I remember correctly, Pamela should know this...physical trainer, in great shape, hubby is in the military...I can't remember why I should believe her, but I do.  And I did, and I didn't work out.  But I did stoop to Dayquil so I could make it to and through work. It was a busy day, so I didn't really notice if I felt bad or not. 

I stopped on the way home from work to pick up some spinach, bananas and milk.  I was going to give this cold a run for it's money.  I love green smoothies and typically just throw in whatever I have. But did you know there is a Green Monster Movement?  I love it when I'm part of something cool without even knowing it!

This photo from their website shows the basic ingredients  It is basically the recipe I use, except I use flax meal instead of chia seeds.  
Anyone use those?  Should I?  

And instead of dark chocolate almond butter, I use this.
When I got home I dusted off my blender, filled it to the hilt with goodies and greens. Oh, and you must know I add cinnamon.  Always, cinnamon.  Love cinnamon.  Andrew was the only one home, so I offered him a smoothie.  He said "yes" before he saw it, then accepted it with some hesitation.

And there the two of us were, drinking, sipping, indulging 
 as our bodies cried out "Thank you, thank you, thank you!"     


Bethany Keena said...

oh mom! you and andrew look so healthy! ;) I see more of you in me after reading this post... :)

Susan Beth said...

Hope you are feeling much better already! Not a smoothie person here, but then AI usually just suffer through the cold, which is not necessarily the wisest decision.