Thursday, November 17, 2011

Day 17: It Takes A Village


Today I am thankful that Charles Devan joined our family.  But let me tell you.  It took a lot of us to get him here.  I don't know if Christa would agree, but just take a look.

I got a call from Christa at 8:30am saying that the hospital had called, and they had "an opening" (what is this? A hair salon?) if they wanted to come in.  So they were on their way.  I emailed the ladies at work at 11:30:

"So I texted Jason to ask how things were going. He replied-
 “So far so good.  I am updating things on my facebook page as they happen”.
 Oh, brother…I can’t access that until after 3:00.  So I asked him to throw me a line every once in awhile!

This was the response I got from Kasarah...
Wheeoo!!! Keep us updated!  ….if you want you can check your facebook on my phone lol ( I won’t tell) 
To which I responded...
Thanks, I think we have a system figured out.  My other daughter will forward me on any facebook updates through my email here.
So Danae proceeded to send me emails when Jason or his dad would post anything on facebook.
Simultaneously, Jason's mom took on the responsibility of texting me with each update. 
Danae sent me a photo of the L&D room with Christa and Jason.  This was wonderful, because I opened that photo several times and prayed for the delivery, for peace, and perfect health, and wisdom for the doc.  It was almost like I was there.

I got updates from Dana about the water being broken, about the epidural, and finally one text that said "9".  I thought 9?  What does that mean?  NINE!!!!  Was she dialated to 9?  Then I got an email from Nae...
She is a 9! Only a few more minutes!

It was at this precise moment that things got very busy at my desk.  Customers needed attending (the nerve!).  A visiting group needed a trash can and liner (On this one I walked to Ryan's desk and asked him for a favor "since I was about to have a baby")  Several Coke and wine deliveries were made for our Business After Hours event.  My doc called with blood test results.  Ack!

At 2:20 I got this from Nae...They are calling in the Doctor now...any minute! 

To which I replied...I have no more fingernails…..
To which she replied...I am the same. I keep refreshing the facebook page... 
To which I replied...I know, I’m frozen at my desk, and will NOT leave until I hear.

I sent out an email to the bank ladies (I don't think the guys had any idea that I was about to give birth to a grandbaby!) to which one replied...Hurray!!!! How exciting!  This same gal kept asking me "Kim?" every three minutes to see if anything was happening.

At 2:45 I got this from Nae...I have to go to the bathroom...oh no! Should I wait or just run for it? :)
To which I replied...Run!  No wait, WAIT!

She ran anyway, and Kristi said "Kim?"

Dana texted me and said "Head delivered" .
Danae got back from her potty break and said..."I ran...nothing has happened yet!"
So at 2:58 I got the two texted photos of our newest family member.  I teared up, at my desk...real professional!  The courier walked in and said "What's new with you?"  I wiped the tears from my eyes and said "I just had a grandson!"  And within seconds I was able to show her a photo of Baby D.

 Welcome Baby D...we are ALL so glad you are here!


Susan Beth said...

One down, one more to go! Very exciting, and especially beautiful!

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