Thursday, January 12, 2012

How Do You Iritate an Esophagus?

David has been complaining the last couple of days about his "heart hurting" whenever he swallows.  Excuse me, what?  Yesterday at breakfast he cringed when he tried swallowing.  Last night at dinner, he all but collapsed on the floor as he took a bite of my ever-so-wonderful enchilada casserole.  He excused himself from the table after that one bite, and laid on the couch for the rest of the night.  I felt his forehead, checking for fever, thinking maybe strep throat?  He did feel a bit warm, or maybe my hands were just cold.  Some say we keep our house a little chilly.  Those people wear hoodies 24/7.  David went to bed feeling glum.

This morning he woke up early for basketball practice.  (Please don't get the impression he bounded out of bed, ready for his day...that is never the case.)  One bite into his oatmeal left him reeling off the stool.  His anger flared.  Maybe it was frustration.  Maybe confusion.  But it sure looked like anger.  I don't like anger.  There.

Jim was able to take him to the doc and found out that what he may be suffering, and I mean suffering from is an irritated esophagus.  Meds on the counter, our eyes keeping a watch on him, and no hot or spicy foods. 

Only one do you irritate your esophagus? 

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Leah said...

Kim, I have a friend whose esophagus would spasm and make her feel she was having a heart attack or something of that nature. Did the doc say anything about that? She too had to avoid certain foods. I can ask her more if it's helpful. Facebook message me if you DO want me to ask her stuff. I may not remember to check back here.