Sunday, January 8, 2012

Runaway Bride?

The bride shifted nervously on her feet.  Her bouquet was getting heavy and she looked pale.  Finally Jim asked "Are you okay?"  She replied "I need to sit down".  One of the groomsmen brought a chair to her.  She sat, breathing shallowly.  She got up, left the sanctuary, and Jessie whispered in my ear "Runaway bride?"  I wondered if she might be right.  We all sat in awkward silence as the bridesmaids left the stage to tend to Bride.  A moment later we could all hear her vomiting...poor girl.  As Groom nervously smiled, Jim went to check on things.  He returned to tell Groom that Bride would return momentarily, "but if she doesn't come back, you're going to have to marry her sister".  Groom laughed to relieve his tension.  Fuzzy-haired groomsman made his way to the piano to fill the stark silence.  We could all relax. 

What seemed like an eternity later, Bride came back into the sanctuary waving the Queen's Wave.  Someone started applause, and we all followed suit.  Bride still looked pale, but determined to make it through the ceremony.  And she did.  And made it through dismissing the guests by aisle and photos with a forced, yet gorgeous smile.

During photos one of the bridesmaids told Jim Bride had been sick all day with the flu.  Well, that would have been good for him to know. 

The reception began with a 7-up in Bride's hand.  A Retro 40's reception.  So gorgeously simple. 

Red Birds everywhere!

Jonathan and Jessie: some of our fave peeps!

Appetizer Buffet

Bride feeling good enough to flash a gang sign!

Our Caption:  "In sickness and in health!"

Entry Table with Guestbook and Birdcage for Cards

Congratulations Mr. and Mrs. Lippy!

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Gary said...

You all seem to eat pretty well up there in Montana.