Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Looking Ahead to Less

Last year I rose to the challenge of  adopting a word-for-the-year.  That word, strength.  I even bought a ring to wear with "Strength" boldly engraved around it.  Basically it was my goal to become a physically stronger person.  Along with that, I knew that strength would come in handy in many areas.  And that it did.  I am happy to say I feel like I have become stronger physically, and without any injury!  I also experienced my single most difficult moment as a parent in 2011, that which would require strength from the depths of my being, that I would not have ever known I had.  Strength was a good word to focus on in 2011, and I hope to remember it's importance forever.

Looking ahead I have chosen another word-of-the-year.  Less.  It took about a week for me to think through what I wanted to accomplish in 2012, and less is it.  Without going into tons of detail there are three areas where I want less in my life; less debt, less stuff, and the ever-present less weight.  I've commissioned Christa to create a pendant for me with the word "less" on it.   That should be a helpful reminder to keep my eyes focused on less. 

I'm excited to see the changes in my life that less will bring.


Susan Beth said...

Yeah for One Little Word success! And less is a great new word. Can't wait to see the pendant.

Beth said...

"less" is my word this year too! Less debt, less stuff, less sugar (for starters...) :)

Beth said...

So far, "less stuff" has been the easiest. Moving & only living somewhere for 6 months (so only unpacking half of our stuff) has helped that. I have a paper bag right by the front door at all times & am constantly adding things to it to donate. That makes it easy!