Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Looking Back

We had 17 for Christmas!  It was a bit crowded.  It was a bit chaotic.  It was a bit of perfection! 
After everyone left, I kept thinking of things that were unfinished.
1.  We never took a tour of Emily's new home.
2.  Grace never told Christa to take the flute.
3.  I found one baby boy sock in my dryer.
4.  A Chicago bathing suit was left in the laundry room.
5.  I never got to share our Turkey scrapbook with Granny.
6.  The little Keens were not shown to the Castles.
7.  I never got to ask Bethany what the pack of white tablets are that are in my room.
8.  Where did all the apples go?
9.  So much food uneaten.
10.  Clark 4-generation photo.

But if I were to list for you all that was accomplished, there would not be enough time to read it all.  We had a blessed Christmas.  I want everyone to come back next weekend!

1 comment:

KillerB said...

I'm so glad you all had such a lovely Christmas -- I bet that it feels incredible to have all of your kids (and grandkids!) under one roof.

This is a great picture, by the way. I'd find a frame for this one!