Monday, May 21, 2012

Lola's Prayer

Last weekend at the women's retreat Lola prayed for me.  If you ever have the chance to have a Nigerian Believer pray for you, take it.  I wept as she prayed for me, my husband, our ministry and our family.  It was a life-changing prayer.  In the days since her prayer, I have seen and felt the Lord in my life in a renewed way.

1.  The other day, Andrew was leaving for work.  I looked out my bedroom window to see him walking down the driveway to his car.  He was singing.  I wondered "Why is he singing?  What in his heart makes him sing?"  I was immediately flooded with the assurance that the Lord knows his heart, and I experienced an unexplainable peace and an immeasurable joy in simply that, God knows his heart.

2.  Jim was preaching on Sunday and read Philippians 2:13.
 For God is working in you, giving you the desire and the power to do what pleases him.
   This spoke comfort and hope into my heart for someone in a powerful way.

3.  Tonight I lead a Retreat Debrief meeting.  One of the ladies asked "How do we keep the ladies that attended the retreat connected to one another?"  And right before my eyes, five women got excited about planning a summer women's event.  As one idea after another idea came from these ladies, my cohort and I just sat there and took it all in.  And I took notes.  Before we left our Retreat Debrief, we had a Summer Event planned down to the last detail.  My heart was humbled and amazed that these women are so passionate about seeing women connect with women.  THAT is my heart of ministry.

I was truly moved by Lola's prayer for me that day.  And it's a joy to see the Lord moving in His ways to answer that prayer. 

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