Sunday, May 20, 2012

New, Again, Chairs

I have been looking for nearly two years for two chairs to sit by our front window.  I didn't want to pay for new chairs because new furniture is comparable in price to prime real estate.  So I've regularly checked Craig's List, thrift shops and garage sales.  And yesterday was my lucky day! I hadn't really decided precisely what I wanted, until I saw the price tags on these at a garage sale.  $2.00 per chair.  I knew right away that they were exactly what I wanted.  What you really can't see in this photo is the color; 70's pale green.  I must admit I usually run from 70's greens because, well, I lived in a 70's greens house.  (Hi, Mom!)  But you know what they say, if you wait long enough, it will come back into style.  I vacuumed them thoroughly with my Rainbow and now they are nearly good as new.  (What you also can't see are the few "spots" on the cushions...hey!  They were two-bucks!)  They are delightfully comfortable and just the right size for some of us shorter Keenas (Hi, Emily!).  And the pillow in the chair?  Also new, again, from a thrift store;  for $1.00 I ushered those 70's pale green chairs right  into the 21st century.


Beth said...

I am a sucker for old, green chairs. I don't know why. But they are like a magnet when I am in a thrift store, or even just driving by the ones that have them sitting outside. We joke that when we have more space I could fill a whole room with vintage green chairs. (I'm not sure Ben knows that I'm sort of serious about that...)

Emily Keena said...

Hi Mom!