Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Zoo Town

After church on Sunday, Jim whisked me away.

 I was packed and ready for anything, except skiing, which was ironic since some of the mountains received 1-2 feet of snow this last weekend.  But may I remind you, I am never ready for skiing.  We drove west, so I knew we weren't going to Billings.  Then we drove past Butte (whew!), past Fairmont Hot Springs (boo-hoo) and on into Missoula.  Also affectionately known as Zoo Town.  

This beautiful room awaited us on the 4th floor.  Which meant we had a wonderful mountain view out our window.  We were torn between swimming or shopping.  T.J. Maxx won out.  I stocked up on Popcorners and Falafel Chips as well as picking up a new Family Camp outfit for a certain 6-month old and some new panties for DK.  I love calling them his panties.  He knows that about me, and loves me anyway.

Dinner at The Montana Club meant a luscious apple/bacon stuffed salmon on my plate   
It was a party in my mouth.  

The next morning, for breakfast we decided to try The Shack.
Something about "voted Best Breakfast in Missoula".
This is what we found, a big pile of dirt. 

But behind the pile of dirt was a very inviting front.
(and you should see his back...tee-hee!)

And an even more inviting menu.

The company was  delicious.

We loved our coffee in their large cups.

Jim's omelet; too many veggies for him, but he cleaned his plate anyway.

Huckleberry Buckwheat Pancakes for me.  
I thought I had died and gone to heaven.

Until I cut into them, then I knew I had died and gone to heaven.  
I really hope there are Huckleberry Buckwheat pancakes in heaven.  

Our waitress really wanted to take our photo in front of this antique bar that made it up the Missouri by steamboat in 1881.  I think the white rubbermaid trash can is a nice touch, don't you?
So Zoo Town proved to be a great way to spend part of our holiday weekend.

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