Wednesday, August 29, 2012

FDoS Photo Shoot, Keena-Style

You know those posted pics you see of kids on their First Day of School?  
In my thinking, parents take one shot, and it's perfectly academic! 
 I have apparently birthed goofballs, so it takes a shot or two, or seven to get a good one. 

 I have decreed I am no longer packing lunches.  Given up my Lunch Lady button.  Yep, I'm mean like that.  So, here, David proudly displays the lunch he packed his-very-own-self.  Good boy, DK!
(Where is Grace?!)

 Photo shot, more of our neighborhood, than the school kids.
Our new-to-us Subaru Forester waits to make a delivery to BHS.

 Checking the photos I took on her iPod.

 Trying to decide if there's one in the bunch that will work for her.

Well, she's going to love this one!

 Dave's "I'm too cool to wear a backpack on the first day of school" pose.

 Papa Bear posting to Facebook.  He's way cool like that.

The official Senior/Sophomore photo!
"Make a difference!"


Smits Family said...

How are they this old?

Trish said...

Hey! Did you know that we go a new-to-us Forester too? John and Toni gave it to us before they left for Japan. It's a '99 and it's the perfect "toodle 'round town" car for the kids.