Sunday, August 12, 2012

Yes, Another Wedding

Jim performed only his second wedding of the summer last night.  It was again, another outdoor wedding, and again, the weather was Montana-summer-perfect.
The wedding arch, and musicians

Paper butterflies in the trees, and a mountain view

Paper heart garlands among the trees

The venue

Butterflies as boutineers 

Father and Bride. 

Cute minister

Weepy bridesmaid with butterfly bouquet

Listening to a beautiful wedding song

Surprise flute serenade!

The happy couples


Outdoor Wedding Venues said...

gorgeous pics :)
What a cute and lovely couple..Congratulations and best wishes to you both!!

Susan Beth said...

I only know that couple "from afar" but see them in the grocery all the time as well as at church. Love that the wedding has been accomplished! Very exciting couple!