Wednesday, August 15, 2012

What Doesn't Kill You Makes You Stronger

In The Last Two Weeks...

1.  A new bossy, boss has not killed me.
2.  Preparing Jim and David for backpacking for days in the Beartooths has not killed me.
3.  A wandering friend in our home has not killed me.
4.  Finding and purchasing a new car has not killed me.
5.  Praying through Devan's high fevers has not killed me.
6.  A liar has not killed me.
7.  Anxious nights of little sleep have not killed me.
8.  School shoe shopping has not killed me.
9.  Schedule conflicts have not killed me.
10.  Company, company, company will not kill me.

I must be amazingly stronger, right?!


Anonymous said...

Oh yeah! Strong like Iron. Strong like teflon! Strong like the olympic weightlifting gold medal winner - what what her name?

Really, strong like a woman with Jesus in her heart.

Susan Beth said...

That was me, not intending to be anonymous, but hitting return by accident (stupid pinkie finger got a mind of its own)