Thursday, March 10, 2011

Day in Garmisch

We had a good day seeing Garmisch.  Mostly from high above it.

We took our first hike of 2011 in Germany!
The two-mile hike was up, up, up.  But our stopping point was at St. Martin's restaurant that serves the "best apfel strudle in Germany". 

 It was pretty darn good, as was the Speckpfannkuchen wit grunem salat (bacon pancake with salad), Schnitzel Wiener aut mit kavtoffel salat (fried pork with potato salad), and the 6 Stuck Nurnberger Rostbratwurste mit karloffelsalat oder Sauerkraut (sausages and sauerkraut).  The view from the restaurant out-door patio was also amazing.
The hike down was much quicker, although the ice covered trail was a bit tricky to navigate.

 We stopped to see Andrew's home in The Abrams.  This facility is a former Nazi hospital built in 1938.  There are beautiful murals still on the walls, depicting German cultural values. 
We walked around down-town Garmisch for a bit, even stopping to shop at H&M.  We were glad to find a table at a coffee shop and ordered coffee and hot chocolate.  David and Grace said it was the best hot chocolate they ever had.  My coffee was right up there, too.

Do you see anyone missing in the photos?  Emily had to stay behind today, because she was not feeling well.  She has actually been experiencing some kind of stomach aches, that don't totally incapacitate her, but make her leery to  commit to too much activity.  She will have time to do all the Garmisching later, since she is staying with Andrew for  a week after we leave.  I'm sure she would like to feel better sooner than later. 

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Trish said...

Isn't European hot chocolate the best!! It took me forever to come up with a recipe that I think is close. I just can't do the "chocolate water" packets since we visited Europe. Yes, I'm now a HC snob...