Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Happy Birthday, Andrew!

Andrew and his Garmisch buddies, in Italy, I think!

(Warning: I will not get through this post without tears)

Today is Andrew's birthday!  Happy Birthday over there on the other side of the world!  I wish you were here because I would throw you a great big party, just like the ones I used to always throw you.  Oh, wait, you would never let me throw you big birthday parties.  That's okay.  I celebrate big every March 2nd anyway!  I think you have a big-birthday-party animal down deep just waiting to be released.  I've seen glimpses!

Uncle Andrew

And I have a special birthday present for you.  I've learned to drink my coffee black.  I think I am growing up.
Loves real coffee in real mugs!

 You know if you were here we would all shower you with gifts. You are so fun to give gifts to.  You love everything.  
Two of his favorite sisters

So, here I am at the end of the photos, and I was right.  There are tears.  Tears because I love you so intensely.  Tears because I miss you.  But mostly tears because I love the strong man that you are becoming.  I love watching you grow, and struggle, and learn, and love, and challenge, and find your place in this world.
Be still my heart.


KillerB said...

Shoot, there are tears in MY eyes by the end of this too!

Happy birthday, Andrew!

Susan Beth said...

Prayers for the birthday boy and his mom who misses him! A peaceful and joyful year ahead!

Gary said...

Very nice.

Bethany Keena said...

um...there's not just tears...there's a big cry creeping out of my chest! I love the whole post! And I agree. I esp laughed at the birthday party part...I thought, "you didn't throw him big parties!" :) Beautiful.