Sunday, March 27, 2011


The Blue Mosque

I realize I have posted no Turkey report as of yet.  Two reasons; it's a little overwhelming to report on, and I am still so tired.  Can't shake the jet lag quite yet.  So here are a few photos to reassure you that yes, we did go to Turkey.

The Turkish Bath we enjoyed...some more than others!

The Attaturk Memorial in Ankara

Here a scarf, there a scarf, everywhere a scarf, scarf!

Turkish Tea


Susan Beth said...

Love the bright colors in those scarves. I really don't know what happens in a Turkish bath, so I'm going to be interested in that story. Love the architecture photo. Hope you get your rest and are feeling energetic and ready for anything very soon! Good to see you this morning!

KillerB said...

That Turkish tea looks amazing!