Friday, March 11, 2011


1.  Early Morning Train to Munich. Breakfast pretzels on the train.
2.  Thankful for storage lockers at the train station.
3.   Marienplatz Strolling; street musicians, lots of people, didn't stop in one store.
4.  307 steps up and down St. Peter's bell tower.
5.  Saw students from CJMS; we all kind of freaked that we saw each other in Germany!
6.  Ate brats in the open-air food market.
7.  Toured Munich Residenz Museum.  Those kings had way too much money!
8.  Ate dinner at Burger King in the train station.
9.  Said good bye to Andrew and Emily.
10.  Trained to our hotel; one room, four beds. 

Too tired to upload photos.  Meeting CRU team tomorrow!


Susan Beth said...

Prayers for safe adventures with CRU and for soil that is read to hear the seeds you have to plant.

Gary said...

Sounds really cool. Keep having fun, and don't get tired of each other.