Thursday, March 10, 2011

First Leg

We arrived in Germany yesterday.  After leaving Bozeman at 7:00am, we arrived in Munich at 10:00am.  You can do the math, but I'll tell you it was a long day!  Fortunately it was rather uneventful.  We stopped in Chicago for a 6-hour layover and got to hang out with Bethany at O'hare.
Her plans for China are still unconfirmed.  The latest is that she will go at the end of March.  She is beginning to wonder if it will really happen at all.  There was talk of her moving to Bozeman, though.  I like that kind of talk.  She would only need a job and a place to live.  That's all.

Troy also met us at the airport.  At one time, Troy's daughter called he and Jim "BFFs"!  Even after being gone from Chicago for nearly three years, Troy and Jim still keep in touch.   Their communication usually involves dissing each others sports teams, but that's deep, man-style communique, right?
Troy treated us to lunch at the Hilton, "the last good meal you may have for awhile".  It was delish!  Bethany and I had a salmon BLT.  Em ordered a fantastic Fruit Satay, mostly because her stomach has on edge.  Troy, as always, was a wonderful host!  We miss having the Smith's in our lives.

We arrived at the Munich airport, and as our plane touched the ground we realized we did not know for sure where to meet Andrew.  No cell phone service = the need for much better planning.  As we walked, and walked, and walked through the airport we were hoping and praying to round the corner to one familiar face.  And we did!  Andrew, only moments before, had put his roommate on a plane back home.  A family emergency forced Sean stateside.  So emotions were pretty high as we met, and hugged, and told him how REALLY glad we were to see him.  He and another friend, Richard, were there to help us find our way to the hotel.  It was a bit of a test, these guys must not get out much, but we made it to the hotel after three train rides, one taxi-van, and five security clearances. 

Edelweiss Lodge Lobby
We stayed at the hotel for the day, enjoying the on-site pool, hot tub, and saunas.  Dinner at the Market Station was a great Tex-Mex buffet.  I know, that's a long way to travel for Tex-Mex, but today we will sample some local fare. 
This is the view out of our hotel window.
The kids all went and stayed with Andrew at The Abrams, his home away from home, for the night.  It's 9:00am and there is still no sign of them.  We are planning to hike for the day, but we'll see.  I guess it depends on when they decide to get up.  Jet lag is such a drag!


Susan Beth said...

Praying for the best reconnect with Andrew and tour of his part of Germany possible, and preparation for the mission field! Wow, that all came so fast! I was thinking it was another week - time warp here!

KillerB said...

Oh! Have a WONDERFUL vacation! (And please take lots of pictures :)