Friday, March 4, 2011

Hydrox or Oreos?

Oreo Cookies

Hydrox Cookies

Oh, the great Hydrox/Oreo debate. Well, I doubt anyone seriously debates that one any more, I think we know who won. But when I was a kid my dad insisted on Hydrox cookies. We all clamored for the deliciousness that was Oreo. Of course we often clamored for whatever Dad didn't want...there was also the heated soft serve/hard ice cream debate. Guess which one Dad liked? Yep, hard ice cream. Although, as an adult I've come to recognize the advantage to hard ice cream; it takes longer to eat. And I can really put away some soft-serve, and boy howdy, do I mean put. it. away. Before I know it, it's over and done with, and there sits Dad, chewing on his hard ice cream. 

Ok, back to the cookies at hand. It had been years since I even saw a pack of Hydrox cookies, until about a year ago. Walking through the cookie aisle, they nearly jumped off the shelf at me screaming "Hey, remember me?!" Nostalgia won out and I bought the pack of cookies, mostly to share this lovely tidbit of a childhood debate with my own kiddos. They didn't think it as emotional as I did. If I remember correctly they scarfed down a couple and said "I like Oreos better". 
See, Dad, I told you.

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