Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Fourth Report

The Fourth found us at the Shureb home, complete with Mushball Field, tables of food, and one roasted pig.

Said Mushball Field
My S'mores-On-A-Stick

Roasted Pig

Wonderful host and hostess

Pig's Roasted Face
Because the pig had a face, and because I saw the face, I somehow couldn't eat much of the roasted pork.  I had a couple bites, but then I really don't eat pork, even when I haven't seen the face.  So I enjoyed lots of sides!  And a couple hours of good conversation.  Jim enjoyed the Mushball game.  I enjoyed not being forced to play.  It was a great day!


KillerB said...

S'mores on a stick look AMAZING!

Bethany Keena said...

Dear Mom,
I am your daughter. I never like being forced to play ball. Even though I typically have a lot of fun...I laughed when I read that.
Your favorite