Thursday, July 14, 2011

Summer Reading

I don't regularly take the time to read.  There.  I said it.  I'm too tired, too busy, too lazy to read.  I am pretty good about borrowing, buying, and getting books.  And I'm not too bad at starting books.  But really reading books, from cover to cover, understanding, and not college-text-book skimming books, now that's a rarity.  Unless it's summertime!  Several summers ago I decided I would make it my goal to read one book, a classic, one I'd never read, so I chose To Kill A Mockingbird.  I loved it!  So each summer I make a concentrated effort to read one classic.  A couple years ago I read Jayne Eyre.  I asked for a copy for my July birthday, and finished Christmas!  I did finish it, though.  And loved it.  Thought maybe I would read it again sometime when I have another six months.

So this summer I have made another concentrated effort to read.
I finished this book this morning.  I might have considered the two-hour investment a waste if I hadn't been sitting on the back porch, watching the sunrise, basking in it's warm, healthy-vitamin-D glow.  I picked this up at Sacs, drawn to it by the cover.  And after reading it, I really don't know what the cover has to do with the story.  I was disappointed, but read 'til the end. 

  I read this book because:
A.  It's apparently very popular
B.  Grace had read it and loved it.
C.  It has a red cover with the word "love" on it; two of my favorite things.

It was a easy read, with great encouragement in living a life of love and service.  Something we could all use a little more of.

I have already started my next book.
Stay tuned.

Oh, and any suggestions for my Summer Classic choice?


Gary said...

The City of Tranquil Light. (See my blog for a review). Loved it! I even, almost cried.

Susan Beth said...

The Scarlet Letter. I heard a Petra teacher lecture on it for three weeks last year as my office was right outside his classroom, and I have a whole new appreciation for that book - well worth a read or re-read with a more mature understanding of the complex nature of sin and redemption.

Rachel Masters said...

My favorite OLD book is Spring Came on Forever by Bess Streeter Aldrich. Anything by Aldrich really. But that one is my absolute favorite. I have similar affinities for classics, and similar habits about buying/starting books and hardly ever finishing. Also O Pioneers is a good one. Giants in the Earth is a weird one -- a pioneer woman who goes insane, I think. Weird. Thanks for getting me all riled up about books this afternoon. I want to take a nap, but maybe I'll go pick up that book that I started in April. It's so good that I know I'll ignore my family once I'm into it again. The Robe... so far, so good, I'll let you know when I finish. And HAPPY BIRTHDAY by the way! Enjoy it!!!