Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Hoopfest, The Croissant

A three-hour wait between games left me wandering downtown Spokane, looking for breakfast.  This corner cafe caught me eye and the line out the door indicated it must be delightful.

The outdoor seating wasn't exactly a sidewalk cafe in Paris, but it would do.
Charming, complete with instructions.
I waited in line for nearly thirty minutes before even getting into the cafe.

The cases and counters were full of freshly made pastries and breakfasts.

I bypassed the french toast and quiche for this irresistible almond croissant.  After all I am all-things-almond; almond bear claws, amaretto lattes, sweet almond body oil, almond butter and amaretto candles!  Yum!  My first bite of this dainty took my breath away, literally,  as my eyes rolled into the back of my head.  Should food really taste that good?  Or maybe the question should be "Shouldn't ALL food taste that good?"

Yes, David's team winning the championship at Hoopfest was sweet.  But this wonderfully almond delightful croissant breakfast was the perfect pregame delicacy. 

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Trish said...

What a coincidence! I'm going to make a batch of almond croissant for Sunday School. They are heavenly!