Monday, July 4, 2011

Happy Fourth!

My earliest July 4th memories involve laying on the blacktop of the elementary school behind my grandparent's home in Rockville, MD.  I must have been young, because I remember being terrified!  It seemed as if the rockets' red glare were the bombs bursting in air, right over my head.  Since then, I've watched fireworks in many places.

I've viewed fireworks on the riverfront in St. Louis, in Chihuahua, Mexico, from an airplane in Phoenix, AZ, and one particular July 4th I watched fireworks from our balcony in Springfield, MO, praying that our overdue baby would not share a birthday with the USofA.

Another memorable viewing was the July 4, 1976 bicentennial celebration in Washington DC.  I was not so afraid of the fireworks that year, but remember being a bit unnerved by the reported 1,000,000 people that were on the mall.

Many summers found us watching Mr. John's fireworks at New Life Ranch.  Although a couple of those summers, either Jim or I were in the cabin with a terrified toddler.

Our first summer in Chicago, July 4th found us on top of some unknown hill, viewing several firework shows all around the North Shore.  The Nellis family in Lake Zurich, IL provided a lake-front show the next year.

Tonight we will be guests of the Thompson's again, for their very own backyard fireworks display!  It seems like no matter where we celebrate July 4th, there is always a pause to remember where we have been, not only as a country, but as a family.  I am so thankful for both.

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KillerB said...

Rockville, MD?! That's where my mother grew up - I wonder if you two ever crossed paths, or if your grandparents ever bumped into mine :)

Happy July 4th! Enjoy the fireworks!