Thursday, July 28, 2011

What a Happy Birthday

Jim left this morning to go hiking in the Beartooth's, and I wondered what kind of birthday this would be with my Beloved wandering around in the wilderness, far from home.  Far from me.  In fact, it turned out to be a great birthday.  Emily made homemade cinnamon rolls for my breakfast this morning.  My boss baked me a birthday cake.  Emily and David brought me flowers, a balloon, and a candy bar at work today.  The carpet man laid the carpet in the new family room.  I received a card from all my coworkers.  I shared my book from Bailey and Caden at work, and was told that Bailey looks just like me.   I got to spend a $10/off coupon at the mall today.  I got to start moving furniture into the new family room.  I received several phone calls and dozens of facebook birthday greetings.  A dear one had her little boy today!  Emily and I made a midnight dash to get an ice cream sundae...just to clarify, midnight to Em and I is 9:00pm., we kind of like to go to bed early.

A good day indeed!  But I did miss my True Love sharing the day with me!  Hope he's sleeping well tonight in his tent.


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Susan Beth said...

Happy birthday a couple days late. You did mention something about it being a whole week of celebration, and I'm still within the week, so I hope it counts!