Friday, July 22, 2011

It's Friday night, and I do have somebody!

After work today, I drove home to check on my guys, Jim and DK.  DK had CA over and they were perfectly contented shooting hoops.  I waited until Jim left for a funeral, then I went to pick Grace up from work.  Took her to a babysitting job.  Called Emily who was already gone for the weekend doing some house-sitting.  I thrifted a little at the 1/2 Price Friday sale; got some curtain rods, a couple shirts, a pair of baby shoes, and some partylite candles. As I was leaving the store, DK called and asked to go to CA's for the night.  I always let him go to CA's because he's a good guy. and I like DK spending time with good guys.

So, Jim: at a funeral.
Emily: house-sitting.
Grace: babysitting.
David: on an overnight.

I was glad to see Andrew when I returned home, and together we watched Whale Wars, then he asked to borrow the car to go to A's.  Sure.

I was just about to be lonely when Jim walked in from the funeral.  It was a funeral for a 20-year-old girl, that was killed in an accident a few days ago.  Alcohol was involved.  The funeral was held at the girl's home.  Even though there didn't appear to be any "religious" people in the bunch, they were blessed by Jim's words and presence tonight.  He spoke truth to hurting hearts.  Truth can either be a healing balm or salt in the wound.  There was probably a little of both tonight.  That's okay.  Both comfort and pain can lead to changed lives.  I'm so glad I'm married to a man that works to be an agent of change.

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