Saturday, January 29, 2011


Ledge/Window above stairs.

So, it's Saturday morning, and I had NO plans for the day.  
Except the plans I just made which happen to include a trip to Ross, 
and three thrift stores to look for "After" photo details.  
(I really wish it was yard sale season!) 

These photos are of areas in the house that have stayed "Before" for long enough.  So wish me luck, and pipe up with any ideas you may have.

Main Bath
The main bath is shared by Grace and David.  It is sorely lacking in storage. 
Existing are one (1!) small drawer and the area under the sink.
I wonder what I could do with the space behind the door.
Under Main Bath Sink

Could you find a pair of earrings in this box?

Master Bedroom with "original" window treatments.

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D.R.C + D.E.C said...

Doug has horrible memories of chicken pot pie night when he was growing up. They would have the really cheap gross frozen ones. It is hard for him to look past those memories :)