Tuesday, January 18, 2011


My One Little Word for 2011 is "Strength".  In choosing that word for the year, I had every intention of living that word in order to become stronger.  Specifically, physically.  I am weak, tired and find myself always feeling weary.  I want to increase my physical strength.  I want strong arms and shoulders, and my physical therapist says I need to increase the strength in my glutes. 

But I knew it would also be opening the door for other areas of my life to be challenged to be stronger.  So far I've needed to draw on my OLW to:

1.  Deal with a water leak from our construction, including physically moving all furniture out of one bedroom into another, explaining to teenagers how to handle something that you really don't want to deal with, and contacting our builder about my concerns of water damage.  None of those things come naturally to me when I live in my weakness.
2.  Stand strong in knowing that our trip to the Middle East IS the right thing for our family of four, knowing that it WILL change our lives, and that it IS an eternal investment.
3.  Say "no" to Nana when she asked if I could come help her for a week.  I tend to want to help/serve/enable others.  It's probably good for both Nana and I for me to say "no", but it wasn't easy.

This is only January 18th!  Can't wait to see how learning to live in STRENGTH will be played out next.


Bethany Keena said...

1.) This is so encouraging. I may have a book for you that I'm reading. I'll keep you updated.

2.) When we are weak He is...:)

3.) I love reading about my mom's lessons of faith! Encouraging! :)

Susan Beth said...

The thing about building strength is it usually takes some sort of exercise. Glad the word is working out for you!