Sunday, January 2, 2011

New Year's Eve: To Sleep or Not to Sleep

New Year's Eve had us going in a couple of different directions.  G&D went to the above New Year's Eve Party.  It was a little unnerving for them both, because there were several youth groups invited, and that meant that G&D wouldn't know everyone there, and that is unnerving for them.  But I told D there was going to be a three-on-three contest, so he got a couple buddies together, and swept their division.  D had plans to go home with a friend after the party.  G was coming home.  (For future reference.)
 Jim and I took Emily to Rio Sabinas for a memorable NYE dinner. 
1.   We drove in -7 degree weather ALL THE WAY to Belgrade!
2.  We were "hanging" with the popular kids.  We saw several well-known Bozemanites.
3.  We were treated to The Black Flamingos; A cover/swing band.
4.  Good food.  Ribs, fajitas, and steak.
5.  Great dessert.  Chocolate Banana Sopapillas with vanilla ice cream and caramel sauce.

Em's photo!  Not sure why it looks like I have a bowl-cut hair do.  I do not!
So after dinner we drove home, and settled in to ring in the new year in a warm place.  We watched the ball drop, listened to city-wide fireworks, kissed each other, then rolled over and went to sleep.

Only to be awakened at 1:10am.  Grace texted me with two questions:
1. "Can I go to Perkins with the youth group?"
2. "Do you know where Blake is?  We can't find him at the church."
(Blake was one of D's basketball buddies that was supposed to catch a ride home with our youth leader) 
I awoke from my sleepiness and gathered enough wits to text Blake's mom, to see if she knew where he was.  I was pretty sure she would not appreciate a text at 1:15am to ask if she knew where her son was.
She didn't answer.
And then she didn't answer.
So I texted G to see if they had found Blake.  They had not.
And then I sent the text to Blake's mom again.
And then she answered.  Blake had left early, and forgotten to tell David.  Boys!
Back to Grace with a "Blake is home!" text to which she replied "I am coming home, too tired for Perkins".
She arrived promptly at 1:30am, letting herself in, being careful not to disturb Papa and Mama Bear.  But she did disturb Papa Bear, who got up to watch television until he was sleepy again.  So an hour later, back to bed goes Papa Bear and snuggles in soundly with Mama Bear.  Zzzzzzzzz.

Until they were both awakened at 3:42 by doorbells in their dreams.  Both had doorbells in their dreams?  Was that a real doorbell?  Papa got up to check the front of the house for visitors.   No cars in the driveway certainly meant that it must not have been our doorbell.  Until it rang again.  It was our doorbell!  At 3:42am?!

Papa and Mama both went to the front door, opened it, and saw D standing there, in shorts, no coat, in -13 degree weather, with no car in the driveway.  

Mama Bear: "What are you doing here?" (Remember, he was supposed to go home with a friend)
D:  "Well, the plans didn't work out and Chris left without me, so I just came home".
Mama Bear:  "WHERE HAVE YOU BEEN!"  (Caps for intensity only, too groggy to speak loudly!)
D:  "I went to Perkin's with the youth group, and got a ride home".
Mama Bear:  "Good night".
D:  "Good night".

Once again Papa and Mama Bear returned to their nice warm bed, wondering who would have left their Baby Bear, in shorts, with no coat, in -13 degree weather, locked-out of the house, all alone in the night.

They didn't wonder very long....Zzzzzzzz.


Trish said...

Sounds like mama and papa bear need to find a cave of their own somewhere so they can get some serious hibernation. Glad everyone is safe (and warm).

Gary said...

Your starting to sound like Sarah Palin with all the grizzly talk.
This story makes my NYE sound really boring.

Susan Beth said...

Yeah, who dumped him outside and didn't wait to see he got in? '

By the way, we were all asleep (two on the couches one on the floor) by 10:30, only to wake up at 1:30 and all trapse up to bed - making us a pretty boring family!

Glad you are over the flu like symptoms!