Sunday, January 23, 2011

Weekend in Helena

We had a great get-away weekend in Helena.  Jim, DK, Grace, Em and I went for DK's basketball tournament.  His eighth grade travel team was coached by yet, another coach.  Seems as if they have been coached by committee thus far, but maybe this one will see us through the end of the season.  Maybe.

Saturday's games were at 1:00 and 5:00.  Not bad.  But our first game today, Sunday, was at 7:00AM!  Seriously.  7:00AM!  They played well, even though they, and most of the crowd, were still half asleep.  David has some sort of contusion on his left leg, maybe from an opponent not quite awake yet.  We finished up the tourney with a 3:00 game.  Won 2, lost 2.  Not bad for having another coach.

Our weekend also included staying at a hotel with dozens of other tournament players, 

sweet new uniforms, 

shopping three stores in thirty minutes looking for a bathing suit for Grace,

visiting a Methodist Church, 

enjoying two naps,

two trips to Starbucks

eating at Taco Treat,

and driving home in weather that included rain, sunshine, snow, and clear skies all within a 70 mile drive.

Tomorrow is Monday.  Here we go again!


D.R.C + D.E.C said...

I really love it when you post. They are my favorites to read! Love you mom!

Bethany Keena said...

um...i love the pic you found for napping...that's what i feel like i look like when i nap.

i'm still giggling.