Wednesday, January 5, 2011

My Word of the Year

A fellow blogger and friend posted something recently that really got me thinking.  SB referred readers here where I was introduced to the idea of One Little Word.  Basically it was a challenge to chose one word for the year 2011.  Now, I'm not very good at New Year's resolutions, goal planning, or even dreaming, but this One Little Word idea seems simple enough for even me.  And the jewelry photo on the One Little Word post especially caught my eye!  What a great idea, to chose a word to live, a word to meditate on, a word to create with.  One word.  For the whole year.  I even signed up for the One Little Word class, which comes with emails, projects, and other suggested tasks in order to help me live my One Little Word.  Hopefully by the end of 2011 I will have a hard copy journal of my year with my One Little Word.  But more importantly I will be changed because of my living with my One Little Word.

My One Little Word is Strength!  For lots of reasons.  Some of which I am still contemplating.


KillerB said...

What an interesting idea! I had a word a few years ago, but it was more of an unintentional thing, I like the idea of being so intentional about it.

My word was "jubilee" and oh boy I lived it! I can't wait to hear how your word inspires you this year-- "strength" is a great choice!

Bekah said...

That is awesome. I have been thinking about this also as they made this an idea on our radio station Air1.

Susan Beth said...

You signed up for the class!?!?!?!?!!!

I am so jealous! I hope you'll share your journal with me when you're done.

That's just too cool!

Bethany Keena said...

This is great, mom! Strength, I love it! What a beautiful word to describe what God is doing in you!

I actually also thought of a word for the year too, with out knowing this project, mine is humility. So here's to a year of falling in the mud! :)