Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Winner, Winner, Chicken Dinner

DK and I have a favorite local talk show that we listen to on the way to school.  The hosts are two guys that excel in trivia and odd news.  Each morning they ask some kind of trivia question that callers try and answer.  For example, yesterdays was "40% of women say they break out in a sweat when they have to do this".  Callers guessed everything from "pushing a shopping cart" to the obvious "working out at the gym".  The correct answer was "40% of women say they break out in a sweat when they have to parallel park".  Trivial.  And odd.

This morning's question was "70% of single men say they lie about how often they do this".  Not sure what possessed me, but I picked up my phone to call in.  I was the first one to call, and my answer was "Do their laundry".  I heard two "Ohhhhh, so close".  One guy said "It has to do with laundry".  I answered "I was going to say 'Wash their sheets'" to which they both cheered.  And mumbled "That's amazing".  Then they asked me how often I washed my sheets and I said every other week.  They told me that most single men admit to washing their sheets every four and a half MONTHS!  To which I replied "Maybe that's why they are still single!"  They got a big kick out of that.

Oh, and there was no prize.  No winner, winner, chicken dinner.  Just the satisfaction of knowing that I am a trivia queen!


Bethany Keena said...

Congratulations mom! I always be amazed how you pull out random bits of knowledge to win these trivia moments!

Susan Beth said...

Yeah for you! Boo for the every four month sheet washing - their rooms must stink!

By the way, that sounds like more fun than the spelling word practice we do on the way to school every morning.