Thursday, January 20, 2011

Briarwood Terrace

Gotta love Facebook.  This is a photo I found on a friend's fb page of her family.  We were neighbors from 1967-1977 or thereabouts.  The eldest daughter was my age.  I thought her room was so cool because it was plastered with posters of really cute guys, you know, like Bobby Sherman and the Osmonds!  Her brother was my brother's age, and our moms were their cub scout leaders.  The youngest two daughters were born while we lived there.  I'm pretty sure I babysat them occasionally.  Mr. L worked for IBM and drove a Mach-something-awesome-car.  He was so cool!  So I'm posting this photo so my mom and dad can look at it.  They don't have Facebook.  They will love seeing this.  Trust me.

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