Sunday, February 19, 2012

CRU Ladies Retreat Report

Scenery on the Trip to Gardiner, MT

Cooking Report
16 Costco-Size Bags of Chicken Pasta, 72 Hamburgers and 8 Pans of French Fries, 4 Gallons of Soup, 200 Pancakes, 73 Grilled-Cheese Sandwiches, 10 Gallons of Orange Juice all prepared in a church kitchen by Grace and I.

Funniest Things I Heard This Weekend
"Oh, my gosh, how embarrassing.
The curtain just got stuck in my butt crack!"
Me:  "Hi. Lotus!"
Grace (under her breath): "Lotus?  Like the bug?"
Me:  "Not locust, lotus is a flower."
Grace:  "Oh!  I wondered who in the world would name their daughter after a plague."
Me:  "She said she would come if we were showing Dancing With Wolves...Dances With Wolves, what is the name of that movie?"
From the Back Seat:  "Twilight."

"Roughing It"

Scariest Thing That Happened This Weekend
The necklace that Bethany gave me for Christmas fell into the sink and disappeared down the drain quickly, until I caught it by the last inch of chain.

Our R and R

Closest We Got to A Wild Animal This Weekend
As we were preparing breakfast on Saturday morning, an elk walked right by our kitchen window.

Our Drive Home

Things I Learned This Weekend
Grace rocks in the kitchen.
When you stay at a hotel near Yellowstone's gate, there is no fitness room.
A true hot tub turns my skin a brilliant shade of red.
The drive from Livingston to Bozeman is not long enough for me to drink a small McDonald's coffee.
Grace and I sometimes laugh at the same things, especially Sinbad.
I need Jim on trips to pack the hair brush.
Grace did not know who Whitney Houston really was.
I am a confident icy-road driver.  Slow, careful, but confident.
I like being told "Thank You" 37 times for meals prepared.
There is joy in serving others, still.


Jim Keena said...

I'm happy to know that I'm needed in your bring a hair brush. :) I love you and am looking forward to seeing you.

Bethany Keena said...

I just read your past couple blogs...I was behind. :) I'm glad the retreat went well! Thanks for sharing dad! mwah!