Sunday, February 5, 2012

Green Dixie Cups

Remember this photo from a wedding reception we attended in January?  Look carefully at the veggie cups?  I have not been able to get these little darlin's out of my mind, how cute they were, how easy they were to serve, and what a perfect little snack of fresh-cut vegetables they provided.  So when it came time for me to provide some goodies for two different events, I bought some green plastic Dixie cups at Target and began to create.

For our Women's Soup Supper I served Pot de Creme in them. (also known as the most amazing chocolate pudding in the world)  Since Pot de Creme is so incredibly rich it was the perfect size.  Just a couple bites.  Magnifique!

Then, yesterday I hosted a Baby Shower and tried my own veggie cups.  Again, impressive, simple, delicious, perfect!

I still have some cups left.  I wonder what else I can do with them.